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Criteria for grants from Stichting Zonneweelde differ according to the type of application. In addition different criteria are set for individuals and institutions.

The following general criteria apply:

  • We are a Protestant foundation and applicants therefore are to be of Protestant persuasion
  • We do not fund deficits occurred; grant- applications are to be sent in before the activity takes place
  • Grant applications have to meet Stichting Zonneweelde’s objectives (for specification see below)
  • We only give modest grants and work with the condition that the applicant him/herself will also have to contribute
  • We are focussed on results; we will ask you for the publication of the theses, the book, a report on the post graduate training, etc.

Apart from these general criteria a set of specific criteria applies to each of the categories of grant-applications.
In general this concerns the following categories:

  1. Scholarships
  2. Study trip
  3. Publications
  4. Post graduate education and training
  5. Institutions

Only complete applications, with application form (.rtf file), will be dealt with by the board.